Sunday, October 19, 2008

When was the last time you read Animal Farm? I remember it being required reading back in grade school, and rumor has it that the book has been removed from reading curricula of late. I do not know if that is true but for whatever reason, probably the latest election cycle, I felt compelled to read it again. After finishing The Trouble With Physics by Lee Smolin, I picked up a copy of George Orwell's Animal Farm at the local B & N.

The Signet Classics version had a Preface by Russel Baker talking about Eric Blair (George Orwell), his experience in Spain, and his belief in socialism--but not the Soviet interpretation. This short back-history along with the 1954 Introduction by C. M. Woodhouse, and the fairy-story itself, made for some interesting re-reading.

What do you think about the following analogies?

Pigs : The Seven Commandments :: US Politicians : Constitution of the United States

Napoleon : Milk :: US Political Parties : Money

Boxer : Windmill :: US Public : Climate Change

Not that these are perfect comparisons, nor have I really thought them through, but it is something to ponder.

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