Sunday, June 29, 2008

Interesting Morning

It was one of those Sunday mornings: I'm just laying there in bed, on the edge of sleep and I hear that noise. It is kind of like a strong, directed, whooshing tone. Well the picture at the right is the give-away. Every so often, usually in the spring, we will have an early morning visitor above the field behind our back yard. It just so happens that this was one of five hot-air balloons traveling through our neighborhood this morning. This one disappeared to the north, probably landing at Challenger MS. Of the other four, I saw one touched down across the street, a second one did a touch-and-go (which I had never seen with balloons), a third came down in the same area but I only caught a glimpse of it over the tops of some houses to the south of us. The last one I watched land in the field behind our house. I was able to stir both of our boys for just moments--long enough for them to see some evidence of the balloons before passing out again for more shut-eye.
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